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Pratesi Coin Holder B060 in genuine Italian leather

Pratesi Coin Holder B060 in genuine Italian leather

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The ideal coin bag that will secure coins safely and fit snugly into any small compartment, making it the ideal travel coin bag. This coin holder by Pratesi is made out of 100 percent cow leather. The bag is in a suitable size. All Pratesi products are made using a tanning technique that is one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It makes use of vegetable dye products, which include tallow and tannin. The coin holder 060 consists of a button clasp and has a secure cover to ensure coins do not fall out of the bag. Each coin bag is 2 centimetres in width, 8 centimetres in length and 9 centimetres in width. The bag is available for fast shipping. All Pratesi bags are made solely by hand out of Florence, Italy since its establishment in 1948. The bag ages gracefully and gives itself more fascinating characteristics as it does too.

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