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Pratesi USA

Pratesi Briefcase Taormina in genuine Italian leather

Pratesi Briefcase Taormina in genuine Italian leather

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In Italian vegetable-tanned Leather Attach case made of Italian leather, tanned according to a technique, unique in the world, yet never replayed. The tanning uses only vegetable products (tannin, fat, tallow, etc..) And has the characteristic of age with use, becoming day by day, more and more fascination. The first age was made by applying various waxes and other natural products, whose formula is secret. The suitcase has two areas, one port documents and one for the linen. On documents part, there are two compartment for papers more pen and business cards pockets. The central frame is made of wood and in leather on external for to can expand. The central belt can be removed without any problem. Including cotton cloth bag plush. Made in Italy Product Information €¢ Material Calf Leather €¢ Width int. 38,5 ext. 42,1.97 inches €¢ Height int. 28 ext. 31,1.97 inches €¢ Depth int. 8 + 2.36 inches ext. 6.69 inches €¢ Handles  Leather €¢ Locks 2 with code combination €¢ Weight kg 2,5

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