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Pratesi USA

Pratesi Eyeglass Case in genuine Italian leather

Pratesi Eyeglass Case in genuine Italian leather

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A leather eyeglass case that speaks volumes, and surely can be appreciated for its high-end quality, design and functionality. The Custodia Occhiali 062 eyeglass case is one that is made of exquisite Italian calf leather. Pratesi brings out the best of the material by using a unique tanning method, one that only makes use of all-natural vegetarian products. The effect is truly one-of-a-kind, thanks to its secret formulation, so much so that the tanning method is not replicated elsewhere. The eyeglass case is 8 centimetres in depth, 17 centimetres in width and 4 centimetres in height. It comes in two shades. As it ages, the case develops in character, making it a subject of fascination. Pratesi is an established brand in Firenze, Italy and it has been making its mark since the year 1948. The Custodia Occhiali 062 of the Bruce Range is listed under fast shipping.

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